I'm not sure what to do if I get a girlfriend help?

Yea I'm 19 and I have never had a girlfriend or gone on a date before.I'm going to start college next week and ill probably finally be able to get a girlfriend hopefully but the thing is I have no clue what to do if I get one or get a date.like I said I have never been on a date so what am I suppose to do on my first date.the only thing that I know is to dress nice.I'm not sure what to talk about.ok lets say that I manage to get a girlfriend the only thing that I know is that your suppose to go out to eat from time to time.some times I say its best if I don't get one.I'm funny joyful caring but I'm also a private person I don't reveal much about myself.I feel uncomfortable when a family member hugs me imagine if a girl where to hug me.my family always tells me that I have a cold look even when I'm happy but this is the way I am even when I was a little kid.Ive tried to change cause no girl has been interested in me cause of it but this is who I am.I don't want for a girl to express her emotions to me and I'm like a cold wall or something.not sure what to do and what do girls think about a guy that never had a relationship with a girl.


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  • when a guy has never dated a girl, usually girls would think that he's probably going to follow the other guys most likely the ones who are players. so it's really hard to say it depends on how you portray yourself. anyways. if you get a date, don't make it so awkward. be yourself, don't LIE, be a gentleman (hold the door, let her go first, offer to do something for her) if she's beginning to be more interested then u can even reach for her hand. girls really love that. don't kiss on the first day, maybe if things are going really well, you might want to give her a kiss on the cheek, just nice and gentle. make her feel comfortable, and omgg, if your shy or not sure what to talk about tell her that. i just love it when guys say how they feel don't be afraid to do that. just try to get to know each other. talk about family, jobs, likes, dislikes, food, entertainment. you should be fine don't worry, also don't be too pushy.

  • Kiss her lol


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