Does he like me? In your opinion?

He ask me out so we went and it was nice! He paid, put his arm around me, asked a lot of questions, and extended the date so much that he was almost late for his job :3 After he dropped me off at home, he texted right away and said I was fun and asked if I had plans later that same night. I did actually have plans so he told me to have fun. Two days later I decided to text him saying I had an awesome time the other night saying we should do it again sometime (he was going on a family trip and won't be back for a week so I knew we wouldn't date again immediately) he said 'sure ;)' and asked how my day went. I told him i hung out with a friend and showed him around town and he didn't text back for hours. I figured he could be busy bc of vacation but his texts take forever!! Am I overthinking this or has he lost interest? He logs onto FB but won't text me back until the next day sometimes. Did he not really enjoy our date? Does he think he came on too strong is trying to play it cool! I really like him


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  • sweetheart just calm down.. he likes you or he never would have gone out in the first place ok boys are flaky and do that sort of thin alllllllllll the time try to ignore him and only reply once or twice a day for a while let him need to get your attention and he will. and if he doesent it means that he's super flaky and you dont want to be with a guy like that. just try to relax and pretend to yourself that he's just a good friend


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  • You might have come on a little strong, some guys don't like women that take charge, they get scared or intimidated. What it may be is he thinks you're a bit clingy, and doesn't text back to get out of dealing with that problem. How many times a day/times in a row do you text him before you give up? If it's an extreme amount (2 or more an hour with no replies) you should try sending one text and just waiting.

    • Thank you for answering. I've only texted him once saying I had fun and we should do it again. He replied several hrs later for each reply. But I wasn't texting him non-stop. I would just wait for him to respond, which he always did.

    • Maybe he wants to come off as "too cool to text" and not reply right away. A lot of guys I know do this because it makes the girl want a reply more. But I just text back right away, and treat it like a conversation. It's more sincere and honest. If you haven't known him for long he may have been legitimately busy that day, and just not had the time to check his phone. If your relationship progresses, you may ask him to text more often if it's still an issue.

    • Maybe. I'm dating others, but like this guy more. Hopefully he'll get in touch when he comes back from vacation :)) Thank you so much for answering!

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  • Just over thinking it

  • Yeah, I think he likes you. Maybe he's trying not to respond to your texts right away, cause I've heard of guys doing such things, as if it's against the law or something, lol. One day isn't really that long to wait for a text.