Girls: What would you think of a guy who did this job? Would it put you off dating him if you had a better job?

I work part time in a small bicycle shop earning a low-ish wage. $300/Week. I am a uni graduate doing it as a stop gap until I find a career or take further study. Have been doing it for about 9 months since I graduated. Would this put you off a guy especially if you had a better job.

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Early 20s and still live with parents
Looking for opinions of other 18-24s ideally


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  • I dont think it shouldn't matter because it is almost like a guy has a great job, girl dates guy, guy loses job, girl leaves him because of it!! Not right if a guy is going through a hard time it shouldn't matter, money should never be a ractor in a relationship because a relationship is a partnership, and needs to work during hard times. Also money comes and goes and any woman who determines dating material by a paycheck is shallow!!!

    Money should not play a factor in a factor if i like a guy or not, money shouldn't matter in a relationship or potential relationship!!! Money comes and goes. Heck i was a single mom of 2 working 2 full time plus jobs gave up one to be a full time student, my boyfriend was couchsurfing, and had no job when i met him didn't stop me from loving him!!! Now i am pregnant with his baby being pampered like no other he told me he wants mevto be a stay at home mom and now he is making enough to provide plus some!!!


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  • No not at all. Plus i graduated and couldnt find a job but work part time. And going back to school in hopes this works out. Even if i had a better job and the guy I was with didn't make more then me what does that matter to me it doesn't to me I dont judge on the job or what they make. I judge on who he is. Does he respect me do we like each other do we wanna take a risk on a relationship then im down. To me im proud of the guy and be by his side as long as he happy doesn't matter.

  • A lot of people I know (including myself) have to work minimum wage to make ends meet after graduating until they find a job. It shows you're not lazy.

    • I still live with my parents, a lot of my friends tell me that I work in a school kids job but I am proud of the fact that I have never been on welfare

    • A lot of people your age are in that same situation. Believe me. There's nothing wrong with it.

  • nope he don't make enough money for me.
    he's not any less of a person he's just not FOR ME

    • Would you ask a guy about income straight up before you got into a relationship with him?

    • No. I can usually tell and get a good ballpark of what he makes to me it's not so much the numbers, its the lifestyle. I just ask where he works, find out what he drives, where he lives and how much he spends on entertainment/leisure

  • Not at all because unlike most guys, you at least have a job and are working on being responsible and making an income.

  • Pretty much everyone I know who is at uni has a job and still lives with their parents. $300 a week is actually quite a lot for a part time job.

  • Yes it would because we are in different stages of our lives. I bought my own condo, I have a high paying job.

    • Thanks, I see your point and appreciate your comments. To be fair the girl on my mind is two years younger and still lives with her parents, I have enough saved for a deposit on a house but can't afford a mortgage until my monthly wage improves.

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