He asked me out on a date, and then pulled a no show. What gives?

A guy I had recently met, asked me out on a second date after an amazing first date. Our plans were for Saturday. I hadn't heard from him in almost 5 days so I sent him a text on Saturday (the day of our plans) around 3pm saying, "hey there". He responded at 10pm at night saying, "I'm an asshole I can't explain now I'll explain later but I'm sorry will chat soon".

I'm not sure what went wrong. Haven't heard from him since...
Thoughts anyone?


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  • You met someone who knows himself. Don't give him another chance to stand you up and be happy the acquaintance did not go further.


What Girls Said 1

  • Give him another few days, then I think it's appropriate to ask if he's alright. If no response, move on.