While making out what are the signs that you should stop?

So i met this guy and we get along but i don't want to have sex just yet so while we're making out when should i stop him for going to far?

*While making out what are the signs that you should stop before going to far?


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  • when you feel the other person pulling away. or if you're just not feeling it anymore or you sense like the other person is not feeling it anymore.


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  • You've quite a few steps between kissing and sex. You go as far as you feel comfortable. This time it might be a kiss, next time it might be fondling, then letting him touch your breast, laying together clothed and touching, taking off shirts, bra, touching each other with no clothes, oral. . . see what I mean? So yea, you go til you aren't comfortable anymore, or til you are on the edge of that feeling and then simply but GENTLY say that you don't want to go any farther. If he's a decent dude he'll just stop and that's that.