I called him old by mistake, help! ;'<?

I'm mid 20 and he's early 30. He's only (this might be controversial) 7 years older than me, and I indirectly called him old. I was talking about my relatives, and I wasn't sure about how old my oldest relative, and it came out as "she's kinda old, I think she's early or mid 30...(long pause, after I realized that I kinda referred his age OLD)" I immediately explained that I said "old" to say that she's the oldest among the relatives, and we just laughed. It seemed everything is okay and we moved on.

However, from a few days ago, he's been teasing me using that... Like, "oh.. I can't kiss you on the street, I'm too old for you." or "ugh.. I can't do that, I'm too old to do that." He's just joking, but I'm just too embarrassed to fight (joke) back.

Any good and cute joke to answer for them? I don't know how he'll react if I say "good night, gramps." Not sure if it sounds cute or creepy...lol

Please throw me if you have some funny/good jokes about it too! ><


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  • Hahahaha good night gramps is hilarious. Use it.


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  • Omg lol gn gpaw love it! I'll send a bitcoin for that one lmao


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  • If you are only joking lol why not...sounds like it affected him but not that much or he is just joking with you look just be yourself and if he does not like it or something happens with the two of you then it was not meant to be and I think good night gramps is funny

  • Lol, it's not a big deal at all. Feel free to joke about it. I doubt calling him gramps will give him low self-esteem.