Need help can't decide! Girls or guys give me your opinions please!?

A girl I was just talking to just broke it off with me after talking and goin out with her for a month because she says we were rushing too quickly into a relationship than she was comfortable with because she is just getting out of a 4 1/2 year relationship. She says she needs time for herself and needs her space. Everyone I've talked to is shocked cause they said all she did was talk about me and said she said that she likes me a lot. But we haven't talked since that's happened. I'm respecting her space and time for herself. I was wondering if it was ok for me I text her like a week later and be like, Hey I'm just checking on you making sure you're doing good. And possibly ask also if she'd like to meet up and just talk sometime. Is that ok for me to do? Or not?


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  • I think it's really caring that you want to ask her if she's okay before doing anything. She really seems to care about you, and I think it'd be okay to see how she is. That way, she'll know you take her seriously and care about her, but not forcefully.


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  • yes this way if you tex or call her too soon it will make it look like you are rushing or pushing her into something she not ready to do yet