My friends don't want me to date this guy I like?

hi Im new here can someone please help me! i need advice like quick.
i dint know where to begin. so last night i was talking with my friends about this guy i really like in school, I've known him for a while were both in the same science class. he's really cute. I asked him out at lunch and were gonna go on a date soon. im so happy but there's a issue. okay my friends dont go to the same school so theyy never saw him before. last night my friends ask me what he looks like, I say he's white with brown hair and blue eyes and they're like wait what? he's white? why don't you date outside your race? its better. i tell them no i really like white guys and theyre like oh well you're racist for only liking white guys you're terrible. this talk really upset me and i feel like a bad person. am I a bad person? im not racist. i dont get it why do my friends want me to date interracial? they even sent me mean texts calling me miss hitler and racist blonde :( im white and i just like white guys. should i go on the date with this guy i really like or date interracial instead so my friends won't be mad at me? im so confused i dont know what to do i dont want people thinking im a racist


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  • Your friends are full of shit.Are they anti-white racists? They are discriminating against this young man purely because of the colour of his skin, when they know nothing about him.That's what racism is.
    Print this out and show them, then tell them to take a long walk off a short pier.


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  • There's nothing wrong with whites dating whites, blacks dating blacks, and Asians dating asians. Anyone who says otherwise is an idiot. Anyone who goes even further by emotionally abusing people who date within their own race is a stupid and inconsiderate assholes. You shouldn't be calling those people friends in the first place. You should drop your so-called friends like bad habits and go make new friends.

  • Fuck your friends. Just because you don't like 15inch horse dick doesn't mean that you're racist. You do what you want.


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