Has she lost interest? or maybe found someone else? or she is speaking the truth?

my situation is really confusing! I added a girl frm fb and we used to chat Almost everyday for next 5 months never never thou because I wad in different country! she made me talk to her and asked for datw but for sum issues I couldn't say anything! when I cam back to her country now things have been changed I have to text her all thae time and nw she doesnr even response just answers me what I aask.nothing elae no fun at all I got fed dosnt texr her for weeks deleted her and.deceided to move however she then she asked me for my number againI asked her why is that so? she goes she is busy and had stress with the family I asked her for date she didn't response ether but I see her more.active then usual she us online and puts new pixs all the time. yesterday I was just rude and said u hav changed she goes yes I have changed now like before anymore ! what should i do?


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  • Sounds like she's lost all interest.

    • but why could you explain as a girl? i mean haven't done anything wrong! and if she lost it why would she ask me for my number again?

    • I dont know, people lose interest for so many reasons. Maybe she has a crush on someone else? But you should ask her :) you won't know unless you ask. Just be honest with her. Its only fair you get a reason. If she doesn't answer, she's not worth it honey.

    • I talked to her today but very rude to her and told her i dont like that shit! she texted me i never gave her answer eventhough i am missing her but i ain't gonna talk to her untill she talks to me first may be it will never happen !! I just can't imagine she is talking to someone else the girl who used to chase me all the time etc.. can't leave me..


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  • It sure sounds that she has lost interest. Or then she is trying to play hard to get so you would put more effort.

  • she's lost interest

  • Like everyone else said, she's just not into you anymore

    • could u explaing why? haven't done anything wrong i am the same person she used to chat whole day and now...But why would she ask me for my number again and text me that she loves me etc?

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