Would a man interpret not answering his calls as playing games or lack of interest?

I have met a guy. We talked on the phone and he ended the call saying he will call me later but he didn't call. The next day still, no calls.

I just decided to drop it because I am already hesitant about him. He is 4 years younger. we met by coincidence.

The other day he called but I didn't answer. He kept calling like crazy then I decided to call him

I feel bad because I ignored his calls. I just apologized and said I have been busy.

Would he take my apology? He seemed fine.


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  • Wouldn't worry about not taking his call when FINALLY he has the time; you have a life as well that prevents phone calls "on demand", if anyone could understand that, he would. Too odd, immature to finally call you then repeatedly = ugh.
    You already have calling issues, so either turn a blind eye to this or iron it out before the next hurtle arrives... soon there may be too many piling up to hurtle all at once


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  • I would put it down to a lack of interest, I'd delete her number and I'd move on.

    • This is what I hoped he did, but he kept calling and I had to call because I feel bad ignoring someone like this. Thanks

    • What you should have done is tell him you're not interested in him.

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