Girls, If you like a guy would you ever offer to set him up as a test?

I know usually if you do this it means no more than a friend but I've also heard you do this to test if he likes you. For example you might say why don't you ask such and such a girl out


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  • If a girl offers to set you up its most likely that she isn't trying to test you. I would never do that to a guy I liked in fear of losing him to someone else or creating more of a wedge in our relationship. Unless this girl is really pushy or flirty I would say she is legitimately trying to set you up with another person.

  • No, I'm sorry. If she is directing you towards other girls then she just isn't interested and wants to find you an alternate. I have yet to meet a woman that has feelings for a guy and points out other women for him to consider.


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