Tinder Date.. Should I text him?

I matched this guy on tinder. we exchanged numbers and he invited me to a romantic dinner the next night, he also said he gives great back rubs and I'm like ok lol but that part might not happen. We continued talking the entire day and night. We had dinner which was so nice and romantic , he spent at least 100$ on the date and after we went to his place to watch a movie. We had such good chemistry the whole time but of course once we got to his place he was more touchy, and we kissed a bit but I wasn't interested in doing much more than that esp on a first date. He wanted to give me back rub, which just would've been way too much as I would kinda have to be like naked. Eventually I was just like I think I should just go home.. ( I got annoyed bc I didn't understand why he would do dinner and be so sweet just to try to get me in bed , also I told him in the beginning I wasn't looking to hook up and he said the same) So the drive home was pretty quiet, I was annoyed and he seemed nervous like he was worried that I was really upset. He was like well I hope you want to see me again but I don't want to annoy you if thats not what you want and at one point he asked if I was looking for a serious relationship and I kinda just rolled my eyes at him even asking that. We got back to my place and I was kinda just like ok bye and he asked for a kiss.. do you think he was just interested in getting me to bed, how does he feel? should i text him? I do like him but I'm looking for dating.


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  • No, I don't believe he was just looking for a roll in the hay. He seems to like you, was even 'hoping you want to see me again,' After the fruitless fact, and on top of Everything, he Even 'asked for good nite kiss.'
    Being you both have a spark between you, 'such great chemistry,' go ahead and text him. Tell him nonchalantly, like 'nothing' was a big deal, that you had a great time at dinner, you really enjoyed his company, but maybe you both could go slowly, for things may have gotten off on a wrong foot. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how Receptive he will be.
    Chemistry is not only important in any relationship, but open lines of communication is also a Plus. Now is the time to test this.
    Good luck.xx

    • I agree with this response.

    • I say this because he spent Big bucks on a lavish dinner for a special girl that he felt was worth it...If he just was looking for a good time, he could have found some floozy, and spent Less, believe me. Just because he may have been what I call 'premature' in his actions, doesn't mean the next time, he wouldn't have learned his lesson. given a Second chance. I would tell you if I felt you were being Played, but by his attentive attitude, even after his 'Mistakes,' he still wanted to see you again.xx


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  • Honestly hard to tell. Home is more private so being alone after a romantic date can set the mood. Also you don't know for sure if he was trying to have sex. Im sure if it happened he wouldn't complain, but he never touched your chest, grabbed between your legs, or anything like that. He was more or less testing to waters from what i can see.


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  • He most definitely just wants to sleep with you. If a guy respects you or if he wants to pursue something serious with you, he won't do anything that will jeopardize his chances of being with you. Him taking you to his place on a first date and asking to you back rubs should be a red flag. He probably saw you as an easy target. Don't contact him again.

  • He wants to sleep with you but that doesn't mean he ONLY wants to sleep with you. It's normal for a guy to try this. I've been on A LOT of dates and can't really remember one where the guy didn't at least show that he would be up to it. Can't blame a man for trying. And actually I always like it when they show sexual interest. Even on a first date. It's normal. Don't worry.