Ladies have you ever made the first move?

I see this girl quite a bit. She works at the laundromat that I do laundry, we live in the same neighborhood, and go to the same university. I usually see her at the laundromat. She gives me glances, subtle smiles, and is aware of my presence when I'm there. The last time I was there she approached me as I was walking out the door and said "hey". It sounded pretty awkward and forced and I was shocked and just kept walking out the door! Lol anyways have any ladies out there done something like this. I mean I should definitely make a move the next time I see her right?


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  • Yes, I have made the first move several times, and I'm so freaking awkward. Like my best friend, I told him I like him in a different way that he likes me, and well he didn't run away from me and reject me so I guess that's good right? And then I put my hands through his hair a couple weeks later. Once when I wouldn't see this guy for 2 weeks I told him hey aren't you going to hug me? And he told me I'd have to wait till the end of the day, and he didn't break his promise lol. I think I always make the first move bc guys are always so intimidated by me-- according to my guy friends & my ex.

    • You should've said hey back. :( I think you should greet her back next time, and make small talk with her.


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  • I usually wait until the guy does. This is gonna sound prissy, but I was raised never to chase a man, either he comes or he doesnt. I think you definitely should talk to her though.

  • I usually wait until the guy makes the first move, but I have done it once as the guy I liked was very shy & timid. But yeah, try make a move.


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