Guys, does my guy friend like me or not?

at college our classes were postponed until a later time. So he asked me if I'd like to see a movie. So we went for the movie. He didn't open the car door for me. He drove and we paid separately. We do flirt with each other occasionally. He said he wants a girlfriend. He mentions pretty girls to me when I'm around. He stares at me sometimes. He sometimes leans on me, he touched my hair a few times. But sometimes he seems very distant and quiet.I also mentioned to him that I like beards, now he won't shave his. He also calls me bro For example "I can't believe it, bro" "You should have seen it bro" we text sometimes, sometimes he initiates sometimes I do, but he stops texting suddenly with no bye. Has he friendzoned me? Why is he giving me mixed signals?


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  • It sounds to me like he is definitely interested, but probably doesn't know if you like him back. I would say the times he is distant, not saying bye, paying separately are all things he is doing to hide his interest and not make it awkward if you don't like him like that. If you like this guy, I'd say either start flirting more with him and make it obvious you like him (we all know guys don't do well with hints), or do what NoobRage said and just ask him. That way you'll just know that he likes you and can get on with it.


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  • I don't really think guys can put girls and lock them away in the fz like women can. It seems to me he does have an interest, (touching your hair is a dead give away to me), but he may be shy or intimated to go any further. Do you like him? May be you give off mixed signals too which are confusing him.

  • do me a favor... and text him this right now.. like right this second.. TRUST ME..
    "Hey.. I was thinking maybe we can go on a date.. Like For real-for real. What do you think?"


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