How to get over being nervous about a movie date?

So this guy that I don't really know that well but have been talking to for a few weeks now on and off wants to take me to see The Fault in Our Stars next weekend. And I'm kinda nervous because I've never really been on a movie date before and I don't really want to start crying during it or have him try anything and I don't know whats going down. And yeah I'm just yeah. Any tips or advice or anything?


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  • I don't like movies as a first date because there's no chance for any interaction. You're right - you two don't know each other very well so it's hard to trust him.

    Is he picking you up? That would, at least, give you some time in the car to talk. If not, I'd meet early at a coffee place or even just in the lobby to interact a bit before you go into the movie.

    As for crying, I think that's okay. He might've picked that movie *because* you'll cry so he can console you a bit. If you're worried about him "trying something" more than just putting his arm around you, I'd make sure you sit in the middle of the theater around other people - he won't do anything in that case.


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  • "I don't really want to start crying during it or have him try anything..."

    Stay away from the balcony, wear a pair of Kevlar panties and see a re-screening of Blazing Saddles.

    Both problems solved.


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  • Just stay calm and have fun. Go out for some ice cream before the movie and talk to him so that when you get in the theatre you won't be as nervous to be around him.