Dating a guy on the internet... have met of course... but having to do it in secret, what do I do?

I met this guy on plentyoffish a few weeks ago, we got on really well and decided to talk on Skype, however my mum freaked when shr found out, causing some trouble between me and my guy, however, we did continue to talk and are going on our second date tomorrow while my mum's at work... he lives sixty miles away but is moving up here in July and due to how she is he says I can move in with him! I really want to do this but obviously he'll eventually meet my family and they'll want to know how we met... should I just lie? I know its wrong and you'll all tell me just to be honest... but you don't know my mother... It won't work


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  • Just tell people you two met by accident and he happened to be on your friends list
    that's all leave it to that by rights you owe no one a explanation your age 18-24

    • If you two like each other than that's all matters, be careful meeting up with a guy you only knew for 2 weeks that can spell trouble , you two really need to get to know each other more

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    • Oh I will :) but he doesn't seem like thst kinda guy :)


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  • Respect your mother, dont let some guy that you really dont know cause problems in your family, thats not using your grey matter

    • She was like this about my ex, I'm not having her ruining my life again

    • However strict your parents may be they only want the best for you

  • Shacking up with a guy you met once online is a bad idea.

    • Again, it won't be straight away, we would be together a couple of months first at least!

  • Um. You should never keep an internet guy a secret. High risk. Tell literally everyone.

    • Oh ny friends know! And my grandmas and aunt...

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  • If you can't stand up to your mom, you shouldn't be moving with someone you Don't know

    • I'm not moving in the moment he gets here!

      You try standing up to my awful mum...