I'm 23 and he's 35. What should I do?

We met a few months ago and have seen each other around here and there. Not too long ago we met up with mutual friends at the bars and had a good time. Slight flirting but nothing more. I'm super shy so after we hung out I messaged him on Facebook (as we were already friends) and said I had a great time and gave my phone number. Pretty obvious I'm interested right? Well he responded with his number and a witty comment. I responded back to that and that was it. He hasn't said anything more on Facebook or called me yet (it's been a week). What should I do? Wait for him to call me? Call him? I'm not sure if he is freaked I'm so much younger than him..


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  • Well as a guy I must first say that as we get a little older we love the idea of having a younger girl on our arm. It is also important to us that you have some level of maturity that matches ours in terms of age and personality. People and friends might try to judge you but age is just a number really. I say call him up and see if he wants to play some pool and have a drink or something at a pub or bar perhaps. If you are shy about calling him then message him on FB or text him on your phone. Life and romance is too short to not take chances! If you don't take a chance you could be passing on the perfect person for you and your life. If it fails you both move on your separate ways and there is no harm done. I hope this helps you. cheers :D


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  • Wait for him to call you