GIRLS: I smiled at this girl I like, and she looked away from me with a weird expression - what does that mean, if anything?

There's a girl and I was 90% sure she liked me, BUT then this. Her parents were driving me home and as i got out of the car I shook both of their hands and made everybody laugh, then as I was opening the door I looked at the girl and gave her a quick little smile before really quickly looking away, less than a second of eye contact before I darted my eyes away... when I smiled she kind of looked back then away with a weird expression. Then when i closed the door i just saw the bottom of her face and she was looking in my direction and had a smile on her face but I couldn't make eye contact cuz she was sitting/I was standing... I dunno, it didn't feel right, but then again I have a tendency to fall apart over nothing.

What do you think - overthinking it?


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  • Well, she was in front of her parents. She might have just been acting shy around her parents as most girls do when they're with guys they like. (For example, it'd be kinda hard to just kiss your significant other in front of your parents for the first time.) So I wouldn't think much into it. Hope everything goes well for you two.


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  • She's being shy around her parents.Can't even tell mine about a guy that's been flirting with me haha.


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  • What where her parents doing giving you a ride home? Her parents where in the same car, you're lucky she even looked at you at all!