Is it wrong to keep your relationship from everyone?

Is it wrong to keep your relationship and business from your best friend and family as well as everybody else? Is it wrong to lie to them when they be asking for details?


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  • My friends always know about my relationships, but my family never does because they were never accepting of any of them. It isn't wrong and sometimes it's even better because then nobody interferes in your relationship. The only tricky thing about it is coming up with lies. How do you do it? Because for me, it's extremely hard to keep it from my family.

    • Make up lies that add on to the bad person they created so they can stay out my business and then tend to my personal life while everybody else thinking he crazy. I mean however they start talking and spreading rumors is how I roll with it


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  • i see two problems being the reason for not telling people about a relationship

    1) they would not approve of the partner
    2) you are actually embarrassed or ashamed that you are dating someone

    I think #1 is ok to then keep secret IF their lack of approval is for superficial reasons (like not liking his race or his social standing), but if they wouldn't approve because he's not a good guy then I think you keeping him a secret is probably only going to hurt you in the long run

    #2 I think is never ok to keep the relationship a secret but even more it's a problem if you are dating a person you are so ashamed to tell people you are with that you hide it from them...

    why do you feel a need to hide the relationship?

  • Nope it's not wrong your entitled to your privacy


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  • Yes, because it seems as if you are ashamed of your partner.

    Although that may not be in your intentions, to your partner it will come across that way.
    It's hurtful.

  • I think your business is your business but you will need to realize that this will affect how close you are to them and how they treat you.
    They will probably think you don't trust them, which will hurt them.

  • It's not wrong. Do you feel like you need to hide the relationship?