Cheating: Do you consider it the cowards way out of a relationhship?

How do you reconcile the situation when you find out your significant other is cheating on you?


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  • You can reconsile. You will never trust them again. It will always be in the back of your mind and you'll always wonder. If you have a temptation to cheat (not just think about it, but really have the urge to do) then you're not with the right person, or you are not ready to settle down or be in a relationship period.

    • Well I mean reconcile in the sense of: coming to terms with it. Like how do you deal with it. But I do understand where you are coming from and I totally agree.

    • So if you like to work it out: consider couples therapy, or a get away where you both can get away from everything and talk it out. Talk about what will change, as in is the other partner cutting ties from the one that person cheated with and what steps will the cheater take to earn back trust. If you are not interested in reconciling, and instead "getting over" the situation, have a swift breakup and rid yourself of everything that reminds you of that person (clothes, Facebook, etc). Pick up a hobby or two that will fill your time and continue to meet people through these hobbies. Go have sex with someone (it'll make you feel a little better), and eat healthy and sleep well. Grieving is normal, just don't grieve for so long that it hinders you from having a good life.


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  • I would dump them instead

  • I dont think it is a cowards way out of a relationship. I think it is a greedy persons way of wanting everything.

    I myself won't give second chances. I would always leave or cheat on him back... While he watches. Then we will be even.

    • Im not sure that cheating on them back is the way to get back at them, and generally speaking I think that two wrongs dont make a right. But I am with you on the not giving second chances. Once someone has cheated they will do it again.

      I have had exes that have cheated on me as a way of getting out of the relationship, they didn't want to, or couldnt give a good reason to break up with me so they did that.

      I do think its greedy of a person to want to have their cake and eat it too.

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  • it's the cowards way of avoiding issues, either with themselves or in the relationship.

  • @title question, no. You're warping the situation far too much if you can't see the simple fact that cheating is largely just temptation gone too far.

    @second question, you leave the person if you can't handle it, work through the issues if you think you can.

    Next question.

    • Its not tempation gone too far. If someone can't keep it in their pants then there is an issue with the relationship. I've been in the situation where someone has offered up the goods while I was with someone. They were very attractive and I did like the person as a friend. But I know better than to go that route because it makes it easy to do it again later. I dont think its warping the situation. People will do all kinds of things to get out of a situation or just because they do not want to give a reason why they are leaving someone. I am very straight up about that with anyone I date. Cheating is not tolerated, no second chances.

      What I mean by reconcile, how to come to accept them cheating. We all know that there is not always closure on situations.

    • Yeah, the issue is temptation lol. How hard is that to grasp? Someone gets attracted to another person, and they give in to their temptation and lose their ability of self-control. Your ability to turn down the opportunity to go for the person that showed you interest when you knew it was inappropriate is a precise example of self-control and the ability to think with your head outside of that temptation.

      You're arguing against what I'm saying, but providing every reason why what I'm saying is the case.