Does she like me because I cannot tell?

This girl is very shy and tricky. I am unable to get a good read of her thoughts. After hanging out the other night she asked me if I would take a bullet for her randomly of course yes. The next day she was asking about a girl I used to date and if she still liked me, also how is she. I was stunned because she does not know her really. She lets me touch her on the back and stuff never pulls away, however never initiates much contact.


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  • She's probably old-fashioned and letting you make all the first moves. But she is certainly dropping hints. She sounds like she really appreciates sentimental stuff (the bullet comment) and she is cautious but interested in your dating life (she wants to know if you're still interested in the other girl) but she is kind and gentle about it, but asking how she is doing. The best would be to make it clear that you are not interested in your old girl and are looking for a new relationship. See if she is receptive, then go from there!


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  • She could, its hard to tell from the infp


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  • Same thing I'm going through now buddy. But I'm sure she likes you considering she responds to your touch well. I'd recommend going in for a kiss after a date if she kisses you back great if she doesn't well... and remember she's shy. You'll never know unless your try, just watch out for the triangle, not liking lips or things like that...if she wants to kiss you, you will see her eyes triangulate.