Hey girls (how do I start) question for you?

I have been single for the last 24 years (I am 24) of my life and sick of it.

I have no real social experience at all and I would like a female opinion.

I am finishing college next winter term, and basically live like a monk.

I would like to change that, I just don't now how to start.

How do you suggest I change that?


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  • Is there anyone in your college that you get along well and is a party girl/boy? It is how I became more social, I started to hang out with this guy (nothing romantic though) that parties very often and is very social. I didn't use to drink, but because I barely talk, then I started to drink at parties a little to let myself loose.

    • That's good idea.

    • I'm glad you found it helpful :)))


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  • Find clubs or groups for activities you enjoy so you can meet people with common interests, or try something new and branch out! There may be a singles group that does activities near you as well. Looking for people at bars and clubs is rough and not as meaningful.

  • Go out more. Go socialize wih new people and meet different women. Once you see her (whoever she will be) as being your possible girlfriend then...go for it.

  • Start with finding yourself a really nice friendly girl :)

    • Where?

    • Well that all depends on where and who you hangout with.
      Like if your friends like the cinema and movies than you'll meet her in the mall.
      Maybe at a party with some friends :)

  • It may sound overly daring, but if you are shy like me, I like a drink or few to be more comfortable. If you can have the guts to head out by yourself girls are often very receptive to being instant best friends with another drunk girl, especially when there is unwanted male attention. Also, going out can really surprise you. Even if the most you do is drunkenly kiss someone it can do wonders for self confidence


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