He's being really confusing, what does he want?

Okay so almost 2 weeks ago I met this guy at a festival and we kissed, and since then we've been texting every day and I kinda like him He always says things like oh I'll come over but that's never really serious, but 2 days ago he said 'I always say that I'll come over but I never do it. Is it okay if I do come over somtime?' So I thought that he meant that he wanted to go do something sometime but I'm not sure. I'm kinda scared to ask him because he's just so confusing and I don't know what he really wants.. And today my friend texted him that I want to go on a date with him but that I'm too scared to ask him. So then he asked me if I had said to her that I wanted to go on a date, so I said yes and now the only thing that he said is 'oehh' So do you think that he wants to go out or not?


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  • I dont get him either. My best shot is that he wants to but he's too scared as well. He always says he'll come over but never does it. he's either interested but scare or not that interested and just wanted somebody to talk to

  • He probably does want to go out with you but is just as nervous as you are, call him on this and say you are as nervous as he is and it will make you too feel more comfortable


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