Is my boyfriend bipolar or is he just using me?

So i met this guy last November at the mall, right before he moved upstate (sad face). Anyway, we dated for about two weeks about two months ago and we broke up because he didn't think we would work out because of the distance. We stayed friends and now we're pretty close and just started dating again about one or two weeks ago. Anyway, the problem is, he can act really sweet and be a total kissup one day and then the next, its like he would rather do anything BUT talk to me. He starts replying with just "yeah" and "okay" when he normally says "sure blah blah blah" and "definitely because blah blah blah" he just stops talking and today he stopped telling me he loved me before going somewhere…he only says it when i say it first……im so confused…he does this all the time…is he just bipolar? Is he using me? Im not so sure about that one, he's actually a lot less sexual towards me than he used to be………maybe he's cheating on me? I love him so so much, is it worth breaking up over?


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  • Well whatever his problem might it cannot be determined online,,, But remember this "An eye for an eye". Do the same stuff he does and if he acts out at you just dump the douche because he is using you..just do not acknowledge that your doing that to get some closure

    • So basically, you want me to hardly talk to him, stop telling him that i love him first, and be super moody swing-y?

    • Yes for a short period of time,,, either he will come to his senses or you will see why is been acting out like that

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  • Try to give him the benefit of the doubt from the sounds of it he doesn't appear to using you for sex but than again it is never good to be overly trusting if you suspect something is up. But from your description he sounds like he could be bipolar from the moodiness take it from a bipolar gal.It is no walk in the park to deal with the constant mood swings that follow I really wish I could control them a little more when dealing with certain people.