I saw a guy I went to high school with on OkCupid randomly because we have a high match percentage, would it be weird to message him?

I went to a very large high school 1000+ people in my class, but I live in the same city and often see guys I went to h.s. with on OkCupid. I received an email from OKC with "new matches near me" that included a guy I went to h.s. with. We had a few classes together in school, but we were never really friends, though we are friends on facebook. I wouldn't have really considered dating him in h.s., but now that we are older, I know that he is nice and cute and would maybe like to see if things could work out. I have no idea if we would actually be compatible because I definitely don't know him anymore, but after many failed OKC dates, it has me wondering if maybe it could work out even though I know him from a previous part of my life.

Would it be weird to send him a message saying "hi what's been going on in your life"? Or does anyone have a suggestion as to how to break the ice?

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  • guys on dating sites would be thrilled to get a message from anybody. If it's someone they have some history with, all the better because the chances of being ignored or disregarded are assumed to be lower.


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  • Definitely. Getting a message on OKC is like someone giving you a bottle of Aquafina after you've been in the desert all day. Maybe not that extreme, but it is great. Plus there's nothing to lose, really.

  • "Ha! I didn't expect to you see you here! We should totally hang out sometime."

    See? easy.

  • Go for it. Maybe he is 'the guy'.


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  • I don't think it would be weird. I would even message the bachelors in Cosmo.