Is it really over?

me and this guy were talking( every day) for about a month, and went on one date. we tried to hang out other times but were both too busy to figure it out.. and a little far away from each other just to randomly decide to hang out..he lived 45 minutes away. it was obvious he liked me and he gave MAJOR hints. but one day, he started acting weird (he doesn't think he did, but he was) and didn't seem as interested in hanging out. so I decided to talk to him about it and he said its because it was too hard to work things out cause of the distance. he went from wanting to hang out with me..and making not wanting to hang out because it was "too hard because of the distance". I asked him again a couple days after if that was really the reason, and he said it was. my friend who's really good friends with him talked to him about it..and he said the same thing and said he really felt bad. so is he just trying not to be mean or does he really mean it? I can't stop thinking about it and I have no idea where he's at. we don't talk anymore and its just weird that we went from talking EVERY day to nothing at all.


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  • If he doesn't think its worth it to try then I would move on. It seems like he is honest in his reason but you guys are under 18. Its not like you guys are 35 and have these busy corporate lifestyles that make things difficult. At least he could make time to talk on the phone and stuff. I mean the relationship thing is irrelevant. what makes me wonder is if his best buddy moved 45 minutes away, would he care enough to try and hang out with him? Because if he would bend over backward for his best buddy and not you, then that really means he doesn't care enough.

  • Yes, it's really over. If a guy wants to talk to you, he will.