Girls are a little flaky on pof. How can I stop this?

How do I keep girls interested in me? I'm tired of talking to a girl for a day or two and then not hearing from her again. We send like 10 or so messages. Or I'll attempt to take it away from the taking site and text her instead, sometimes that works, but im finding that many of these girls have no intention of meeting up


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  • So I met my boyfriend on POF and it can be a pretty good dating site. We've been together for 8 months so far. But as a girl on POF I used to get 30 messages a day from different guys. I felt like I was bombarded with guys so I sort of started skimming them out. Of course I only started talking to the guys that I was attracted to. Some of the guys I started talking would send me about 3 messages before I responded and to me that waved a big red flag saying that they were needy so I would automatically stop talking to them. Some of the guys I texted from there would always reply within 30 seconds and that gave me the impression that they had nothing else to do. And to be honest I kinda would get bored with the guys that would always respond within 30 seconds. A lot of girls join that site because they are bored. And I'll admit that it was the reason that I originally joined the site. I was new in town and had no friends that lived me anymore. But when my boyfriend started talking to me he didn't seem needy. And we started talking about the things that we were doing such as school and why we chose our careers. We chose the our careers for the same reason. We both wanted to help others. And the things we value in other people. He never asked those questions right away. The conversation just kinda led to us talking about those things. He was the first and only guy I met from POF. He first met me at my work. I was a waitress at a restaurant. I told him that he should come visit me at work and that I could be his waitress. I never thought that he would actually come but he did. And after that we had our first date.

    • I usually vary the amount of time that I respond. A lot of times girls will respond back immediately and then I'll respond back within 5 or 10 minutes and then after a few messages I may just wait until the next morning or something.

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    • I guess the only thing to do is keep trying. I don't really have much of a social circle and I've tried approaching girls at places like department stores or the grocery store with no luck. at least online is a lot easier and less time consuming as far as the number of girls I can message is concerned.

    • I try not to wait too long to reply since like you said, girls have a ton of guys contacting them so won't they just forget about your message if you wait too long?


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  • I think they do it as an ego boost.

  • All dating sites suck for this exact reason.

  • Dating sites attract some pretty bad women.