How long would you go without talking to someone you like?

So you meet someone. After learning info about each other, you've established that you guys like one another.

Whether your playing games with the person, or busy with work or school, how long would you go without talking to someone you like?

A week? A month?

Just curious.


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  • One cannot honestly choose an arbitrary number that rings true in all cases. Maybe from past experience, sure. But not all experiences are the same because individuals and circumstances vary.

    If I so much as get a girl's number because we clicked so well, I'm setting a date so we can meet up and see if there's something more to be had. If she lives near me, we won't very long without talking. If she lives in Bellflower, there will be periods of non-communication, but not many. If she lives in the Ukraine, I'm not going to put any eggs in her basket if that means losing sight of the life I ACTUALLY HAVE.


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  • If I liked them and obviously the feeling was mutual, I'd probably talk to them every day if the connection was strong and every other day if it was okay. Probably two days without but it wouldn't be planned. Personally I feel like if the two of you really liked each other why even play games. And no one's ever TOO busy to pick up their phone and send a text message. Everyone always has their phone with them so it takes nothing to at least send a message checking up on the person you're into.

    • That's how I feel too, but I think guys probably wouldn't want to talk everyday.

    • Depending on how much he's into you. Usually when I first start talking to a guy I'll let them initiate conversation for the first couple of days just to make sure he's actually into me then afterwards the effort's mutual. My boyfriend and I talked for a few months before deciding it'd be official and for those months we never went a day without talking. Of course some days more than others but he made sure to at least check on me and everything if we both had busy days

    • That's cute.


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  • the current girl i like, 3 months. but thats only cause i dont have her number (yeah, i like a girl, yet dont have her number, odd, ain't it). well. im trying to get over her, but i can't


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  • I went nearly a year (my boyfriend claims it was 356 days :p) without a word. But that was because we met on vacation, established that we liked each other, and then somehow managed not to get each other's contact information for that year until we met again on vacation the next year. THEN we got the information and haven't missed a day of talking since.

  • A week unless I am not friends with them or at least semi-friends with them.

    • Yeah that's a good enough time.

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    • Same here. I usually wait for him to text first..but that usually takes forever :(

    • Same. I always text the guy first. Right now the guy I like never texts me or tries to contact me outside of school yet he said he loved talking to me and he always talks to me in class. :( FOREVER ALONE!!! haha

  • Less than a day. Really a few hours is too much lol! I'm a communicator! ;)