First kiss stories, but just the most crazy one's?

Well my first kiss was a legend :) I was in Belgium walking on the streets of meir and I saw a girl who was selling candies and she was doing it for some kind of charity i guess, so she was offering a candy and a hug for buyers :) And I asked is there anything else? She looked at me and was like a kiss? I asked on the lips? (LOLLL) and she said you choose :)
and then we kissed :) that's mine.


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  • My first kiss was when I was 13 and I had to go over to do a project at my neighbor/classmates house because I needed PowerPoint and he had it on his laptop. As I was working I told him thank you and how much I owed it well he took that as he deserved sex from me and tried to rape me. I was able to fight back enough that we only kissed and my clothes didn't get too ripped.


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  • I was 15 and we were at my guy friend's house. I was looking directly at him and as I went to kiss him, I missed and got his chin.

  • I was like 13 and I was playing truth or dare with a guy and a girl and I kissed both of them and after that they were arguing and asking me who kissed better. I didn't really say anything because I felt nothing..but later on that day at the park I was playing spin the sucker with the guy and I just kept eating cherry suckers and I kissed him and it felt amazing.

  • My first kiss was during a game of suck and blow when i was in year six


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