What would you like a girl you're dating to text you?

So this guy and I have been dating for a month, but I've been on vacation for one week of that. He still texts me and I figure it's time for me to text him first? For once? What is something I could text that is sweet that would make him smile?


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  • You could say that you've been thinking about him, maybe put a smiley-face after that - stuff like that, perhaps.


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  • Can't ever go wrong with a "Hey! Hey, you over there! Yeah, you!... I like ya."

    Or "U R A Q T," then apologize because you can only speak the truth in letter form.

    Or, for heavens' sake, be yourself! If he likes you, he must like YOU and that means if YOU think something is sweet or cute, or might make him smile... eh, maybe it wouldn't if it came from a random stranger, but because it's coming from you and he likes YOU, it will make him happy.