What do you think of a guy like this?

Would a guy with a little below average libido be a problem for you in a potential boyfriend? It's not that I'm not exactly not in the mood alto, its just that I care about the relationship more.

so maybe that's not low libido, maybe its just preference


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  • I'd prefer a guy who cares about the relationship first and foremost! It's actually more of a turn on for girls to have an emotionally intimate relationship with a guy than to see that he is physically turned-on for her.

    I would be more comfortable with a guy like that, rather than being scared that he may suddenly want sex with me when I'm not ready for it.

    • thats how i feel with girls. I had more of your opinion in my last relationship, and it was my gf rushing sex that I wasn't comfortable with. I'm not going all the way with someone if I don't love them, period.

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    • Thanks for most helpful rating :)

    • You definitely deserve it


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  • Personally, I wouldn't call it a problem, just a difference in interests. I think it's something I would need to talk to my partner about at length and get a better understanding of why he thinks his libido is low. The thing is, sex and all the bits surrounding it, are part of a relationship, unless you both go in stating that you want the relationship to be platonic. So saying you care about the relationship more, includes sex in my opinion. I hope my answer helps!

  • i'd find that even better than other boyfriends :)

    • well i've only had one girlfriend and she had HIGH libido, and she would get angry at me. Although she was borderline sex addict. (it was a bad relationship in many ways.) So I don't have any experience with women who care about the relationship.

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    • cool thanks, i might take you up on that offer
      more ask questions, im not going to like cry all over or whine haha

    • haha whatever you want to, i'd be glad to help you!

  • Huge problem.


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