I can't. Leave. Him and I can't. Stay with him?

I'm 19 years old & i love my boy freind so bad we'r together for 5months now..but my problem is that i feel ignored & like i'm the only side who try to make it work..somtimes i send him a message saying i missed u bab or u'r my every thing & he just don't reply !! #_# than next time he say i didn't got units..always the same answer even on fb he didn't connect for 3days now...last week i send him..i feel like u want to break up with or what? ..than he replyed on fb u dont trust me..i think ur the one who wanna end this..i just want u to know that i loved u bla bla...,,-_- but if u want this than take care!!! but the day after he found me on line & told me that im the love of his life!!! I realy dOnT know. What. To. Do? I don't. Feel his love at all!! By the way he is working hard these days and he got problems with his family but,, I realy don't. Know how to act!!!


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  • He seems to have a lot to do at the moment so I would just leave him alone. He will come back to you.


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  • May be you just open up with him..it would be better and solve many of your problems, or just stay away from him then after watch his reactions.

  • Ya know, guys have their occupations besides chatting with one person 24/24.
    I know this would sound selfish, but, sometimes you should give him a break.
    Also, some guys (I'm one of em) are not romantic and "feeling the love" can't be done in binary data. Ask him for a date, meet him somewhere. But, give him his free time.


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