Was it legal for 8 year olds to go on dates ever?

Riddle me this, if u have read old berenstein bears chapter books, explain to me how those cubs were allowed to date at age 12?


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  • I think I went to boy-girl dances with a date at age 12. No funny business, just playing at dating.

    • What? I haven't gone to any such thing and im age 13! Why is romance so widely accepted in america?

    • They weren't sexual dates in any way - just social things. I guess it's just a social ritual.

    • I said romance, not sex

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  • It's not illegal for anyone of any age to date. Have you ever heard of play dates? It's still a date. Girl dates? Still a date. It usually depends on what the parents think is an "immoral" age for dating.


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  • Bears mature sexually and emotionally at much earlier ages. They are capable if adult relationships at such ages.

    • They were anthropomorphic bears!

    • They were based on American law at the time too, im sure, the writers were American