She says she like likes me but not ready for a relationship?

Okay so this girl I met in Texas we really hit it off at first and she admitted to having a crush, but something came up and I moved back to California. Then over a year later I come back and we start talking again. She says she like likes me but, she's not ready for a relationship and would rather give it time and build a friendship and then see where it goes. Is she just playing with me or is it worth the wait? She always flirts and says she wants me to come over so we can cuddle and stuff.


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  • She probably found someone else in that year apart


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  • It's Probably Worth The Wait. There Could Be Numerous Reasons Why She Said That. So I'd Wait If I Were You.


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  • You do not assume she's playing you but rather spending more time with her to SLOWLY raise her attraction level towards you. Assuming you're a good guy with enough confidence, respect her etc. she's still observing your attitudes. So, be patient.