What do I do? Should I ask her what it is?

So this girl and I have been dating a couple of weeks now. We were close even before this. Yesterday I asked her if she wanted to come over and watch a movie we were talking about a while ago. She texted me a few hours later and said she thinks I'm cool and all, but she wants to stay friends. She says she can't really see us dating. I said sure, but now I'm really unsure. It felt so out if place, she and I had such a great time together before that. Is there something else that's bothering her? Why did she suddenly change her mind? Should I ask her why? Pls help, I really like this girl and want to stay with her.

Update: she texted me, she says she never really changed her mind, she just acted as she would with friends.


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  • Definitely ask her. Don't be needy about it, but let her know that you really like her, and you want to know what the change was about. If you guys got along so well, something has to be going on in her head. It might not work it may not be what's right for you both but... you never know, she may need reassurance. :-)

    • Thanks, I feel like that's what I should do.

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    • It was a couple of weeks of dating before this happened

    • Yeah, definitely ask then. If she can't - or won't - give you a straight answer, let her go. Move on to someone who will treat you better, and want you. :-)


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  • She may not be ready for a relationship or may be in a relationship.

    • I don't think she's in a relationship, several months ago we were talking as a group with some friends and she said she was gonna have a boyfriend by the end of the week. Haven't heard about it since and I have a close friend who she's friends with, and she doesn't seem to be in a relationship from what I hear

    • Thats fair.. hope you resolve everything

  • I'm going to be completely, harshly honest when I answer this, because I've seen this play out a lot and always with the same conclusion, so hopefully you can take this well. She likely, from experience, thinks of you only as a friend, and the new suggested change that you made in your relationship with her might have made her uncomfortable.

    • Okay, so should I give her some time?

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    • I just reread your post actually and realized that you WERE dating before, so my huge apologies. I would suggest asking her what happened, but only ask once.

    • Okay, thanks! At first I was over here like "what why", thanks for rereading. I'll ask her.

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  • she might be a little unsure, wait a bit and see if she if shell go with you to get some icecream or something

    • Thanks! This'll help.