Is it weird for a guy that I'm talking to, to like pictures of women on Facebook?

I met a guy on plenty of fish about three weeks ago. He added me on Facebook. Now I'm just a little concerned because he always likes pictures of recently added girls that were posted months ago. And all of these girls live in our area.

Is this weird or am I weird?

P.S. He has never liked anything on my page.


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  • If you have never met in real life and he has stated nothing that would commit himself to you then I would say it is fair game. Adding someone on FB is nothing, I have people who I haven't seen in years try to add me on FB, doesn't actually mean they are a real friend or that I have any intention of actually meeting them ever. Therefore FB does not equal reality.

    By "talking" (in your opening phrase) do you mean in real life face to face communication? Or some form of texting/email?


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  • It's just Facebook. But you haven't said anything about having met him or gone out anywhere with him. Have you done that? If not you just don't have any right to expect him to be loyal to you or whatever. If you want to start dating the guy that might be different but even then until it's a relationship I just don't see why either one of you shouldn't keep an open mind. If you want this whole thing to be something then make a move.

  • Piece of advice: Facebook is a breakup machine. Delete it or it is guaranteed to obliterate your love life. I did, and since then never had trust issues with a girl.


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