I confessed that I love him and now I regret it...what should I do? Need help :(

Okay, so I am 25 and I met this guy through a matrimonial website...he is 3 years elder to me...we started talking on phone and meeting...we clicked...I never felt this way for anyone before this and even he was fond of spending time with me.

During one of our meetings, while bidding goodbye we hugged each other and I got all emotional and I told him "I love you". His reaction was very different from what I expected. He hugged me tightly and said you really do? He smiled and said even I feel for you but not sure if its love and we need to spend more time together.

I was heartbroken but I somehow managed to control my emotions and left the place with a smile on my face.

Since that day, we have been talking normally but I feel some difference in his voice tone and the way he talks to me. He says he wants to know me more before we actually decide to get married. I understand his point but I can't help feeling bad and regretting my confession every single day.

Guys, please tell me what would have been your reaction and expectation in such a situation. Should I completely withdraw and give him time and space to decide or should I continue talking and meeting him till he falls in love? Please help


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  • Just pretend you never said it and keep going like nothing changed. Think of him as a best friend and try to keep the emotions out of it. Eventually he will start to feel things for you and let you know. If you withdraw it will only mess with his head and derail what you have going.

    Don't put any pressure on yourself or him because lets face it, does it matter if you marry him tomorrow, next month next year etc when the two of you enjoy being together?

    His feelings for you haven't changed regardless of telling him you love him, maybe you are reading something into his reactions to you since that time but just be happy otherwise maybe he will read some changes in how you are acting around him. Some people just take it more cautiously and don't fall in love that easy.

    Remember, everyone who has potential to fall in love, does so at a different rate and therefore one person in the relationship will always fall in love first. No big deal, keep on being yourself and enjoy his company :)

    • Thanks...u people are making me smile :) I was so tensed...my nerves are calmed now!

    • Good :) Now you will be more relaxed next time you see him without thinking too much.


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  • The best thing you can do here is to go along like nothing happened. The difference in his voice could just be him not wanting to hurt you since he didn't return the sentiment. Let him know that you understand that he will need time to fall in love. Tell him that he has all the space he needs but you are there when he wants you. Let him know he is wanted but don't try and go overboard and smother him. It might take a little while to get to where you want to be with him, but that is the nature of relationships. Be patient, be loving, and he will fall for you. Just hang in there.

    • Thanks for your suggestion...I am trying not to go overboard...I wait for his calls rather than texting or calling him myself...but this feeling is killing me..."just hang in there" this is exactly what he said :P :)

    • Well then he is clearly very fond of you. Don't hold back too much. Wait for his calls, but text him funny things that happen through your day that you think he will appreciate. Let him know you're thinking about him once a day or two and throw in a ;) for good measure. Flirt and make him feel wanted. And have fun! Just be yourself and have fun with him. That is literally all you need.

  • Well on behalf of that jerk let me say i love you too, ignore him and when he ask why tell him

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  • It sounds like he was happy to hear your confession. He also is showing good character, by not lying and telling you what you want to hear. I think the difference is mostly in your head, and you should just give it time. If you withdraw from him he will either think you are playing games, or that you are not interested and he will move on to a different girl. In the meantime, just try to not act too desperate.

    • Thanks for your response...even I dont feel like withdrawing bcoz he is a nice guy...I don't know why I confessed so soon..I didn't realize it :( But thanks lets hope for the best :)

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