Need advice can't tell him how I feel?

This is a hard one ! Me and this guy I'm seeing get on well but it's hard to work out if he has feeling for me :/ when we are together we hug kiss laugh and have great fun and the arc is fantastic , we are so alike and he says this to. He tells me he likes me a lot and cares for me , I have feelings for him but I find it hard to express them and I wouldn't tell him I had feelings because I'm scared of being rejected :( as it's happened to me before , he says he can't show his emotions , he said he's got attached and when he likes someone he finds it hard to let go , because what we have isn't serious but things feel nice and I feel so close to him we tell each other everything and even private things , I've never felt so comfortable with someone like this because , when I'm moody he always forgives me never gets angry with me , everyday I think about him we text call everyday , I'm confused :( I feel in my heart he does like me the same way but I can't ask him !! Wish I could , what should I do?


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  • You've got a green light to engage.


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  • I don't see him rejecting you based on what you said. He already said he cares for you.