How do I get her to text me more?

this girl that I've just met said she liked me because I was funny etc. we stared talking and at first I didn't believe her because me and a friend just got in to a fight and they are friends, but I keep texting her and I told her I've had bad relationships in the past and I don't always said the right things and I made many of girls mad at me and I didn't want that to happen to her... then she said that I could change and that she really liked me I told her I could try. She seem surprised and then stopped texting me the next day I texted her and she text me back, told me she was watching a movie I asked if she wanted me to let her go, she said no then when I ask how she is, she stopped texting me I don't get it did I do something wrong

oh and I told her that day that I believed her


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  • she might be a big tease, or maybe she's just not that into texting, think about the texts you sent. was it just a hi or was it a hey, hows it going! you have to watch that because when I get a boring pointless text I don't always reply. not because I don't like the person I'm just usually busy with something and it didn't seem very interested so I leave it, but the difference is I always text back. have you ever confronted her about that.. if not don't say something like. why don't you ever reply to me! that sounds a bit needy just joke around about it and say something like I guess I'm not that much of a priority in your life! ;).. always leave a little but of mystery and it will keep her coming back. but if she continues this and really want to pursue this girl give her a call instead, its a lot more personal and it will grab her attention


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  • She was probably busy and got caught up, it happens. Don't stress yourself out it.

  • shes a tease keep with it don't get worried


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