What is your ideal woman? or ideal man?

Be specific, does she like sports and books? is she traditional or modern? ext.. Is he geeky or sporty? or both? Does he speak multiple languages? ext... whatever you think is relevant basically :)
Thanks in advance


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  • He is a bookworm who appreciates the value of contemplative silence. He also loves to debate topics and have lively discussions on occasion. He plays a musical instrument and sings, he is intelligent, interested in science and the arts (all kinds of arts: music, dance, visual arts, storytelling, poetry, philosophy, etc.). He is confident in himself but he doesn't think he is better than anyone else either. He has a good mix of introversion and extroversion, and he isn't shy. He is not a party-loving person, but he feels comfortable at a party. He is fit and toned with a healthy BMI. He is happy just to snuggle up with me and read a book or watch a movie together. He truly listens to me when I need to talk about a problem, and if he doesn't understand it, then he asks questions to make sure he does understand. He is a gentleman who will hold a door open for someone, or pull out a chair for a lady. He looks after himself and also looks out for me (as I would for him). He believes in the man and woman doing equal shares - e.g. both work part-time, both do the housework, both raise the kids. Mix of values between traditional and modern - kind of like myself. It would be nice if he spoke French as well as English... He is good at cooking! (I'm not that good at cooking, that's why.) He cares about wellbeing - looking after his own and my physical, emotional, spiritual and mental health. He encourages me more often than he criticises me - and when he does criticise, it is constructive criticism. He enjoys spending time in nature and with animals. He loves dogs and horses, in particular. He is considerate. He takes the time to imagine what it would be like to be in someone else's shoes - compassionate. He is passionate and knowledgeable about social justice. He is trustworthy and I can share anything with him in complete confidence. He is honest about the things he struggles with. He is kind and generous.

    • Hmm... If such a guy exists, the chances of meeting him are slim. If I do meet him, the chances of us getting together are slim too. So I know it's not realistic, but you said "ideal", right?

    • He sounds wonderful :)

    • hahaha that's right :D


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  • Every girl is unique in her own way. I would like one who has her own identity and wouldn't be concerned about what others think of her.CONFIDENT

  • A loyal girl who would be confident in herself and trust me. Also would have to have an awesome music taste XP


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