Why if men don't have babies with whores why are women still having babies with manwhores?

My ex of 4 years wanted marriage and babies. Yet he cheated on me after I thought our relationship was doing good. I was open with him and we could talk about anything. He cheated on me a first time and I forgave him. I fell in love with him. I wanted the same But how could I stay with him when he was cheating on me. Now I realize that he was a narcissist that just wanted me there for babies. Seriously it upset me because normally women have baby fever. I kind of do have it but I'm also not wanting to have a man whore either. Yet women settle with them left and right while men are unaccepting on dating a whorish woman.


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  • I personally know men who've had babies with whores who just up and left the kid hours after giving birth.

    • The women or men left?

    • woman

    • Aww that's so sad. No child deserves that.


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  • Men have babies with whores all the time.

    But the thing is you can't stereotype like that. You want to have kids with good people but a lot of people don't do that. It's far from gender exclusive. Just find a good person. No need to have baby fever. You're not even 30. There's time. Lots of time.

  • Women bear children, it's that simple.

    If a guy has a baby with a "whore" it could end up being one of the many other guys who she's slept with and he could end up thinking it's his own and invest hundreds of thousand of dollars raising a child that isn't his.

    The same isn't true for women, if it comes out of your vagina, it's yours.

  • You sound a tad angry. I've met multiple woman who had multiple baby dadies, yet never had a problem getting a man. If he was cheating odds are hid needs went being met. I highly doubt he was just using you for babies.

    • I'm not angry and no one said anything about having problems getting a man. Anyone can be in a relationship but it takes a real man or woman to make that relationship work. The funny part about that statement on how needs aren't being met. How can needs be met when people aren't honest on saying what or how they are. If your a player be my guest is just that when you pretend to be something and than say your needs aren't being met. That's pretty ironic. That's why people like this are kicked to the curb and than wonder why. It's because they are worthless human beings and want others to feel worthless to as they poison them with their low self esteem venom. They are so weak they need to manipulate others to make things happen.

    • Well I have been cheated on, women cheat for when emotional needs aren't met, men cheat when sexual needs aren't met. I was asked what was my part in why she cheated. I was taking aback. Nothing I said. After long thought on this statement, i concluded that i had played a part. I wasn't always there for her emotionally. I hated having to always express my thoughts my feelings. But it's what she wanted and needed, I wasn't able to provide that for her and she found it elsewhere. I was angry for a long time but that experience taught me to be more vulnerable. You said men don't have babies with whores, they clearly do. Am I a player, nit even close. In time your anger will dissipate, and you will see you are better off.

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  • "Men don't have babies with whores?"

    That's mega false. Look at that kanye loser.

  • That doesn't make sense. If he was only with you for kids then why did he cheat before you had them? Wouldn't he wait until he got you pregnant before he moved to the next woman?

    • He wanted children and wanted to get married. I kept on delaying because something kept on telling me that he wasn't being truthful with me. I finally dumped him after 4 years when I found out again he was cheating. I was done being used.