How to ask a socially awkward guy if he has a girlfriend?

Someone I know already asked this guy but I would rather hear it for myself to clear the air.

He already gets sooo nervous talking to me. I don't want to make it worse.

So how can I do it to try to make it a little more comfortable for him?
I was thinking of just asking him to hang and throw in "if you're girlfriend is ok with it."


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  • Nah, don't do that. Be straight with him. We appreciate honesty more than you know. Just ask him. It's not awkward. See, when you ask a woman "Do you have a boyfriend?" it can be embarrassing because she'll likely take that as being hit on, even if it's just friendly conversation, so a lot of guys avoid it. You probably know it can be uncomfortable to get that question so you probably think it's the same thing. It's really not. This is one of the few instances where men and women are actually different for the most part. He'll be flattered at least but there's no way he'll be anything less than happy that you asked. And if he's not attached now you know. It's a win-win. I really don't see a downside. Just be straight with him. No need for manipulation or anything. If people just said what they meant rather than try to get someone to interpret it the right way the world would be a much better place.

    • I'm always straight forward but somebody I know already asked him. He reacted weirdly and actually asked about me. So that's why I wanted to talk to him about it directly but not place all that on him since he was basically shaking when asked before

    • It won't get better if you try to do it in a roundabout way. If he's nervous he'll be nervous. It's better just to put it out there.


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  • What?

    Look, if the guy is so socially awkward just from talking to you, I can pretty much guarantee you that he does NOT have a damn girlfriend. A relationship requires a certain amount of being able to communicate with the opposite sex, and if he was already in one, he'd have enough experience dealing with women to not have a damn brain hemorrhage when he's talking to you.

    • Lmao. Well he told two people I know that he does. And yeah he seriously gets that nervous. If I don't talk then he stares and smiles at me instead of speaking.

  • Yeah that;s how girls usually do it. it;s also how they try to get a guy to back off, by dropping boyfriend into every sentence. It hilarious if you just keep hitting on them though

  • Just straight up ask him? Or check his Facebook?


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