Guys, how should a girl go about talking about the future with you?

Me and and the guy I have been seeing for 3 months are meeting up over coffee to have a quick chat about where we see things going with us (my idea). He seems cool with it but I am wondering what should I say and what SHOULDN'T I say? I don't want to come across as pushy, needy, or desperate, I don't want to push him away at all, but I do want to know if things are heading anywhere with us.


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  • Career direction, marriage and kids are interests that I would like to know about and what your stand on them are.

  • Good for you! The best way to talk about the future would be how you feel in the present. I've learned that the future is totally unpredictable sometimes. Thank goodness for that! I want to look back on my death bed and have no regrets. If things dont work out I tried


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