When you breakup with someone can you still talk to each other?

Can you breakup with someone and text them and get a response for it to be a good sign? Or just being nice?


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  • Many couples who break up, regardless if married or just were in this Real Relationship, sometimes find that they get along better After the fact.
    "Can't live with em', can't live without em'," which many times occurs, and they end up just good friends, sometimes either remaining in That sort of relationship, or even hooking up again at the hip. It could go either way.
    And there are those who break up, don't ever speak again, just move on and find another life. I think it really all depends on how Bad the break up was, how much they really meant to one another, and if they choose to Want that person Still in their life.
    It's a good sign if there is a 'Response' back from pushing a few buttons. It means someone on the other end does care enough to at least Send Back Their very best. And it could be 'being polite,' of course. However, being you are the one on the receiving end, it's up to you to determine What was said...xx

    • He was laughing so that was a good sign.. A lot of arguing but when we are together we get a long great

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    • Well he could be pissed off talking to me

    • Better off probably just being friends for now...xx


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  • It might be harsh but cut him/her, it is better for you not to see/talk with eachother since it will be harder to move on, harder to progress which will only extend the period of your pain.

    I know as a fact this is not an easy thing to do but whenever you feel like texting/seeing/.. him/her just go and have some fun with a friend, even tho you might not feel like it, you'll feel better once you return home.

    I wish you the best of luck in this hard time, but everyone has faced this before so I'm sure you'll progress and move on eventually, just like everyone else ;)

  • No, you break up and move on. Cut ties. That's it, no more.

    • So this is a good sign? Possibly

    • Sorry, I get your question now. If you still want a relationship of some kind, then any contact is a good sign. If he was angry or wanted to shut you out, there would be no response.

    • I got a text from him laughing

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  • After a breakup it's best to not have any contact for a while, otherwise it will just be much harder. After some time has passed and both have moved on, you can still talk to each other and be friends, if you both genuinely want that.

  • You can, but you shouldn't.

  • You can still talk to an ex as long as the break up wasn't bad.