I want a relationship, but I don't want to kiss and make out and be all romantic.?

I like this guy that i have been best friends with forever. He likes me too. I just cannot see myself kissing him and cuddling. I can see myself marrying him though! I know i like him, because i get jealous when other girls text him.


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  • Based off your under age, I'm gonna assume you're 15 or younger. Its okay to not want to get intimate right off the bat or sexual because it can be a lot to take in for a day.

    If you two like each other then thats good, express those feelings but If you have no interest in ever kissing him even once in the future then make sure you let him know. Some guys will understand and try to be patient but he deserves to know what he's getting himself involved with first.

    Good luck.


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  • Well it is difficult since we don't know your exact age.
    But If you can see yourself marrying him you realize there will be a whole lot more then just kissing and cuddling right? so are you just not old enough to be into kissing? Kissing doesn't even qualify as sex..it is just fun.
    But honestly is sounds like your just not old enough to be thinking about any of this. Until you are ok with kissing, holding hands and hugging, at the very least, you should not be worrying about guys at all.

    • I'm a sophomore. Sorry, i probably should have justified my age. I am old enough to kiss him. I just feel like he would want another girl that will kiss him and cuddle.

    • Yes, at your age guys are just walking erections. at that age guys only think about sex. that doesn't mean they will only go with you if your going 'all the way". But kissing is a must. So you should just not think about guys until you get to a point where your OK with at least kissing. I have 3 sons. going into 9th, going into 11th and graduated. I would tell all of them that kissing is just fun to do and it is not an issue.
      but if your not comfortable with it, then you need to wait...

  • Maybe you just want to win, and not be alone.

    Are there other guys you see yourself kissing?

    How old are you?

    • Yes, sometimes. but i don't know if i have the balls too. I'm not drop dead gorgeous. I'm a sophomore.

    • You don't want your friend. Don't lead him on. Help him get a gf.

  • easy. don't date him. you can keep friends isn't that enough?

    • Very true, but i want a relationship and i"m afraid nobody else will like me.

    • are you so ugly? put up a picture. so you juwt want a commitment. I know its hard to find the right person but what you are doing is leading your friend on. don't do that to him, you don't want it even yourself

  • What exactly are you opposed too? The touching or the sexuality

    • I just don;t want to be romantic, I don't think I'm scarred i just think it's gross?

  • better to live in a cave


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  • So that's how you feel, you can tell him that. You are not ready for that stuff yet, period. If he likes you he will be patient and not pressure you.

    • Thank you so much. Someone else told me that. I just want him to not get bored when he could be doing that stuff with any other girl.

    • No don't EVER let any guy make you feel insecure like you have to give him sexual favors of any kind you don't want to do yet just to make him stick around. Dating and getting to know someone, friends first matters, and at your age, you are not expected to do more.