How long after a date will a guy text a girl?

how long after a date will a guy text a girl? what if it was more of a hangout? will he even text?


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  • if it was more of a hangout then don't expect him to have an actual text time. he will text you when he wants to text you. if it was a date, most guys usually text pretty soon. for me though, say if I did not pick my date up, some girls prefer meeting up I don't know why? haha, then I will walk her to her car and be like hey text me when you get home so I know you got home safe;) BAM and then the texting continues like magic. but yeah he will either text you right away or follow the 3 days rule by Barney Stinson. if it was a date.


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  • A date I expect a call or text after a day tops. A hangout I don't expect shit.