Got really drunk infront of the guy I'm seeing "had the relationship" talk?

It was my birthday and my friends and his friends all went out. We were drinking all day. I was really drunk by like 4pm. I started talking to his friend about the time the guy I'm talking to ex texted me and asked him questions about her stupid I know. Around 10pm we went to the club and out of no where I went up to the guy I'm seeing and I said " I don't trust you" are you talking to other girls or just me I believe he said he texts other girls but doesn't hang out with them like he does me. I than got really upset and starting telling all my friends he said that ( which I don't know if he heard or not ) after that he made me drink water and we went home a little while later once I was home I felt fine. The next two days he texted me asking me how I was and if I remembered the night I lied and said everything was a blur which it kinda was. I just don't want to ruin my chances and have him not hang out with me anymore. Do you think he lost respect for me & what can I do to resolve this?


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  • No I don't think he lost respect for you but he probably thinks you're a lightweight and won't ever take you drinking anymore


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  • He contacted you after the incident. That's good. I believe you still have a shot.