Is my attitude all wrong or are my friends wrong?

I have always struggled holding on to a guy! my friends seem to think its because of my attitude! i don't see anything wrong with my attitude? i'm sarcastic, straight to the point, can be brutally honest and a little mean when its needed but i think i can be pretty damn nice! i do loads of stuff for my friends and family without looking for anything in return! i can be funny i'm always there to make them laugh when their sad! sure i have trouble expressing my emotion to guys because i think their going to reject me but after time i do let them in! i know my attitude can be mean! and i know its got a bit of the "i really don't care" attitude in it, but i'm starting to think my friend have a point, that attitude is all wrong and i should take it down and be more nice to people! but at the same time i love who i am! if i don't like someone i ill tell them! or someone is being damn right stupid i will tell them! they only i start being mean to someone is because they push me so far and i just snap at them! a person can only take some much stupidity! but my friends are all in relationships and they have the sweet nice yet very loud girl attitude! and i feel like i will single for a long time and then when i do meet someone i'll lose them! i don't want to be a 40 year old woman who is still searching for the person they want to spend the rest of their life with!


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  • you seem like an amazing gal to me. just keep being yourself and the right guy will come along. screw the haters lol or the judgers:D

  • you sound like the female version of me so i know how you feel but maybe tone it down a bit (very little) and keep on keeping on :)


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