What do I do if I like this guy but I don't want to kiss him?

I just figured out that my best friend and crush likes me and we started dating but i don't know if i could kiss him. It just seems foreign and unnatural and i don't know if i could do it. I still want to date him but i don't know how to transition from the friend state of mind. Any thoughts?


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  • Maybe your better off just being friends. What did u think would happen if u two started dating? Or did u just not think that would happen at all? How long have u been friends and looked at him as just a friend because that could impact your thinking.

    • Well i have been friends with him for 2 years and i started liking him this school year. I had never thought that he would like me back so I never thought of doing couplish things.

    • makes sense. I think it will come over time, if not... u might have an issue

    • yeah i really hope i will change my mind


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  • At the end of your date, make sure he walks you to your door. Give him a close full body hug, then look at him in the eyes (while still holding him). At this point you should be like magnets and go with the flow.


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  • I don't think dating doesn't mean you must kiss. Kissing people is not the only way to show your affection. There are a lot of other things that you can do to show that you love him. Hugging, maybe?

    • thats true. we have hugged before and i am comfortable with that

  • If you're that nervous try kissing him on the cheek first and get used to that.