Should I believe him he was just mad because I don't trust him all the way sometimes?

My bf and i got into a little argument last night because this girl tried adding him on snapchat. I don't really like her because she's a whore. He saves his text messages and he had some from girls before we were dating and i told him it bugs me he still has them sp he deleted them. He was gonna do it in the morning Cuz he was tired and we were in bed but I told him I wanted it done now. Then he seemed kinda pissed about it. But When I Asked If He Was He Said no. That he just wanted me to trust him and it's stupid I make him do that.


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  • Well he should not be talking to girls, and it seems you are bossy. If you dont have trust in a relationship, there is not point in being in that relationship

    • She is not bossy, she just wants him to be on the up and up - actions speak louder than words.


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  • It is abit stupid that you made him delete messages? I've got messages from like 1 year ago and my ex tried to get me to delete them I told her to get stuffed, your being over protective.

    • Well I didn't like the girls so that's the main reason. He still has texts on there from other girls

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  • Nope what a load of crap, had he deleted them, you could have trusted him. Maybe he needs a taste of his own medicine. Then lets see if he still trusts you.

    • I deleted all the guys out of my phone too since I didn't talk to them anyways. Only kept family members if they were guys

    • that should go both ways. All girls need to go or else.